DECKadence Alternatives

To the untrained eye, some other products out there such as vinyl loop, spaghetti mats and minors moss may look like a viable alternative to DECKadence however know the facts before you think you’re getting a deal on a comparable product.
First and foremost know that the alternative materials are actually meant to scrape off dirt from shoes. That’s because it’s actually an entrance mat material not tested and not manufactured for a boats deck.
It’s no wonder they’re hard and not soft to the touch, they don’t feel soft, rarely carry an enforceable warranty, have hardly no UV stabilizers for the marine industry. That’s because their PVC is mixed with a combination of inexpensive composites like limestone and when it breaks down it radiates a foul smell and deteriorates when exposed to salt water and sunlight.

While these products may look similar they have very little in common with DECKadence and are not considered an authentic synthetic marine rated PVC boat carpet. These self-proclaimed alternatives lack the feel, the durability, the marine rated composites and marine credentials to be on par with DECKadence.

Our DECKadence synthetic boat carpet success is the spooled extruded (and treated) diameter also known as the denier (or thickness of strand) along with the right combination of marine rated PVC plasticizers that’s only found in the DECKadence products. This produces a soft to touch feel with unparalleled durability and performance.

In fact we have not had a single return in over 12 years, just read Benito’s review, where he bought a vinyl product alternative that looked like DECKadence for his swim platform… and the results speak for themselves.

If you suspect that a similar looking  product is being represented as DECKadence or just as good as DECKadence do the following:

1. Ask the salesperson for the Testing Data UV, Anti-microbial and compression proof testing.

2. Ask if the material is at least 6’ wide to accommodate a boats width.

3. Ask if they are an authorized dealer for  DECKadence  Marine Flooring Inquire about the  warranty.

4. Pull on the strands see if they turn white when stressed, this is an indication of substitute composites like limestone.

5. Contact us to verify their affiliation.

6. Smell the  product, the fake stuff radiates a funky smell like must or mold and  gets worse when exposed to water.

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